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How to get the best travel and tour deals? Where to go on a family vacation? Which is the best place for a honeymoon? And blah blah …….If all these questions buzzing in your mind then Smileylives.com is here to calm you.

There are so many questions to be asked when you are in a fix to settle a beautiful yet safe destination for your next trip. Undoubtedly, the number of tourists exceeds from year to year, and the quarries related to tourist spots are exceeding simultaneously.  Smileylives.com is one of the sites that a majority of people visit regularly to gather information about the unknown place wherever they desire to set out. We Smileylives.com eagerly wait for such inquisitive minds to offer helpful information on tourist spots, tours and travel packages, and we work as a bridge between tourists and agents for years too.

Who We Are

We are one of the leading and dependable online portals that offer information on different types of tours and packages in India as well as across the globe. We are a Kolkata based company and our endeavor is to provide the best and authentic information to the people who want to know important facts of places and travel packages before to start.

What We Do

Being a veteran and reliable online portal our ultimate goal is to update information about tourist spots on a regular basis. Whether it is in Kolkata or in the other state of India or in far flanged abroad – our object is to provide the right information of the tourist places including food, culture, accommodation, hotel, restaurants, and travel agencies to help people.

Our site does not only provide generous and helpful information to people who have an explicit quest for traveling but also works as an online tour and travel business listing site for those who are in travel and tour business.

Mission We Possess

Our one and only mission are to offer the undoubted and latest information about tour and travel packages to people who look for authentic information to experience a happy and safe journey.

Vision We Foster

In the coming years, we want us to see one of the topmost and most visited online portals that share tour and travel information to large numbers of travel addicts from all over the world. Additionally, we want to opportune the maximum number of travel and tour agents to find customers via our site.

Hassle-free Flight & Hotel Booking via Smileylives.com

Yes, we have spent a couple of years working as the communicator between tourists and travel agents via our site. Even, we provide ample information on flights for our visitors that they can fix their departure date. Our hotel booking feature helps people to go for online hotel bookings that they will not feel travel finding accommodation on reaching their estimated travel destination.

Bottom line

Smileylives.com is like to be called as your pal when you are looking for the best deals on travel and tour packages with adequate information. We feel proud to call us a conversationalist Kolkata that connects travelers with reliable travel and tour agents just in clicks.

Visit Smileylives.com, find your deal, and set out exploring unknown.