Terms & Conditions of Smileylives.com

Welcome you to all at our website Smiley Lives. We request all our visitors, travel agents, travel guides, corporate travel agents, and customers to undergo and understand the terms and conditions with care before to go for our service or services. By visiting https://smileylives.com/, you are considered to keep to the terms and conditioned administrated by Smiley Lives.

The terms and conditions are applicable to all who have registered as a customer or travel agent with Smiley Lives. Smiley Lives allows its customers and travel agents (registered and non-registered) to visit the site without any restriction until and unless it seems righteous and does not violate the terms and conditions declared by Smiley Lives.

The terms and conditions administrated by Smiley Lives for its visitors, customers and travel agents are stated below and these are subjected to be followed by all its visitors, customers, and travel agents when they are inclined to obtain services and information in visiting Smiley Lives. Smiley Lives reserves the elite right to change or modify the terms and conditions without giving any prior notice to its customers and travel agents (registered here with Smiley Lives). All of you are requested to visit the site to get a recent version of terms and conditions. Your use of Smiley Lives past changes confirms you do agree with the modified terms and conditions, and the site is not liable if you have not gone through modified terms and conditions. You can avoid the use of the site at any time if you feel not enough contented with the terms and conditions.


“Customer”, “you”, “your”, “they”, and “them” indicate the persons or entities, and travel agents or guides that take and provide services via Smiley Lives.

“Smiley Lives”, “we”, “us” and “our” indicate Smiley Lives.

“Travel Agents”, “Travel Guides”, and “Service Provider” indicate the partners and service providers who list their services and offer services on or via Smiley Lives.

Third-Party sites indicate third-party websites that are linked from within or accessible via Smiley Lives.

Service Description

Customers and visitors are allowed to take one or more tour packages mentioned on the website. We can add or delete information of travel agents and travel guides enhance and secure the quality of services for our customers.

Smiley Lives has the right to change, suspend or withdraw the services in case the payment is not done by customers and it is reported by the travel agent. Even, Smiley Lives can discontinue the relation with travel agent or travel guide if they violent any rule that goes against customers’ agreement, security, and satisfaction.

Right to Access Information

Smiley Lives has the right to ask its customers and service providers to provide personal information and detail if they desire to take services or register services via or on Smiley Lives. Smiley Lives expects that all those information and details provided by its customers and service providers are authentic, complete and up to date. If Smiley Lives discovers any dispute or infringement in provided information then it can cancel, suspend, or refuse the deal with customers or service providers immediately without any prior notice by terminating or discontinuing the customer’s or service provider’s account.


Smiley Lives has a unanimous right to employ its intellectual property including website design, graphics, logo, text, source code, and software on its own. Additionally, we pay importance to the intellectual property rights of our service providers (travel agents or guides) and we expect the same from our visitors and customers. At any point in time, the service providers feel that their website information, design, and other intellectual property have been violated or copied by our customers, then you can take necessary steps to stop infringement issues.

In following the terms and conditions of our website, all our customers and service providers are allowed to use our website and its intellectual property for personal and non-commercial use only. Though, no one is allowed to use the property for commercial use or to store or deal out or download or for sale.

Disclaimers & Limitations of Liability

Smiley Lives is not responsible for the deals made on third-party sites (linked to Smiley Lives). If your device starts malfunctioning or interrupted in browsing other sites (linked to Smiley Lives), or the third-party sites make damage or malware to your system while accessing you are solely responsible for that.

When customers and service providers submit personal information and detail to obtain service or provide service, they indicate the confirmation of acceptance of the terms and conditions mentioned above. You are requested to visit our site frequently to get updated with information and rules modified or changed by us.

At any time, you feel any doubt or want to ask anything then you are free to visit https://smileylives.com/ or drop us an email, or contact over the phone.